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St. Johns Moms was originally created out of the idea of being a local guide for my clients as a Realtor. I had many clients moving to St. Johns and would receive the same questions so often-- Which pediatrician do I use? Where are the best restaurants? etc. and thought, maybe I can create a local guide to refer them to. I also loved the idea of spotlighting local businesses as a way to support them and for people locally to see first hand (through video on my personal social media) what these business' offer, and noticed there were so many "mom" groups but none specifically for St. Johns. So I took all of these ideas and the St. Johns Moms instagram was born. This quickly evolved into adding a Facebook group where women/moms can connect and ask questions + our website, and now weekly Small Business Saturday features, multiple memberships, advertising and fun events! I'm a mom of three incredible littles; who loves exploring new restaurants, sharing my personal experiences, and planning fun events that bring joy to our community. Building connections and supporting local will always be at the core of St. Johns Moms + there is so much more to come! 


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Giving Back

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St. Johns Moms has been a supporter of local
non-profit organizations and charity from the start. We often attend events, partner with
non-profits, and share the main message with our followers using our social platforms. The St. Johns Moms Community has grown immensely since we started in 2021 and we look forward to continuing to grow together.



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